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Comment Response

Thanks everyone for the comments on my latest blog! After going through and reading your thoughts, I realized that all of you agree with me in that paying for music online is a little ridiculous, I mean, $1.25 for a two minute and thirty second song on iTunes, common! Some of you said you would rather spend your money on food and drinks! That’s what I’m talking about! Music is all around us and is produced for pleasure, I believe it is silly to have to pay for something that I consider leisure or have consequences when downloading free music. 

Now a day, we have an endless amount of options given to us to pirate music, that it is almost effortless! Paying for a song on iTunes is what I think would be someone’s last option. Most of you bloggers who shared their thoughts on my blog post agree that ultimately it is up to the consumer to decide whether to buy music or pirate music.  I was not surprised that most of you knew that it is illegal to pirate music, everyone knows this, but it is something that definitely goes right over heads!  

After reading one of your comments, I learned how many tasks can be done online for free, such as reading a book, a newspaper, watching TV shows and movies, etc. but somehow music is considered an issue by law.  Hmm.. Interesting.  I, too, am excited to see what the future holds in the music and media industry, whether copyright laws will be completely disregarded and shut down, or whether they will be more strict and intense.  I personally hope that in the near future, there will be no consequences when downloading free music. 


That’s all for now, keep on rockin’ in the free world!