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The Music Industry

Let’s get straight to the point, we all listen to music. I listen to music every single day of my life and I enjoy all genres of music including country, rap, rock, pop, ska, etc.  I have over a thousand songs on my iTunes playlist, and although many of those songs have come from CD’s which I have purchased in the past, the majority of the songs came from the internet which I have downloaded.  There are a vast amount of websites that offer the ability to download songs with no problem! The thing that slips people’s minds is that this act is illegal! Who really is OK with buying a song off of iTunes? A dollar or more per song, that’s crazy talk!  I can guarantee all of you lovely bloggers are guilty of downloading pirated music. Personally, I think it is silly to pay for music, and I am not talking about buying CD’s and records. 

Today there are multiple ways to access online media through transmission of codes and practices.  In the article, Scenes of Transmission: Youth Culture, MP3 File Sharing, and Transferable Strategies of Cultural Practice by Dale A. Bradley,  he states that one of the most obvious examples of this phenomenon of “convergent transmission” is the now famous case of Napster.  Napster is a system based on youth culture as a way to appreciate music through digital media and online communication.  Clearly this form of transmission is a more positive and safer way to access music, videos, etc. and is becoming more popular by the second! Bradley also mentions that the community constituted by the early Napster (as well as other music sharing sites and networks) and the IRC-based discussions that informed their development were more than simply the sum of peer-to-peer (P2P) networks and online communication.  Therefore, the system is no more than communication between other people with the same interest as you!


The TED talks video, Larry Lessig: Laws that choke creativity, Lessig chats about online media, copyrights, etc. in dry humor, demonstrating the stupidity of certain laws.  He declares that there is a growing extremism that comes from both sides in the debate in response to the conflict between the law and the use of the technologies. He states that one side automatically takes down from sites such as YouTube and any content that has any copyrighted content in it, while the other side, there is a growing copyright abolitionism, a generation that rejects the notion of what copyright is supposed to do and believes that the law is nothing more than an ass to be ignored and fought at every opportunity.  This video is funny, yet very true and I feel the exact same way.  I think it is ridiculous to have such laws on something that is available to everyone.  It almost acts as a tease. 


I hope that in the near future, these laws will be broken down, and non-existent.  What do you bloggers believe is right? Do you think copyrights and laws are fair to have on access to such public media? Are more conflicts created through these laws?



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Comment Responses

Thank you all for the blog comments on Behind the Screen! I realize most of you have very similar feelings towards social media including Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc. and I personally could not have answered my own questions better than you guys! 

I am glad I gave a few of you the bright idea to reconsider your Facebook friends, also known as “spring cleaning”; you can never be too safe! Most of you agreed that while behind the screen, you are not putting on an act when talking to people, but rather giving yourself more time to come up with responses, as well as editing them to the best of your ability.  

It is also reassuring to know that you are all being safe over the world wide web, and staying clear of the unknown, creepy predictors  Keeping your profile private, and personal information completely off of the internet is the best way to do so! Talking to people is pretty harmless, but it is smart to just stick to friends, family and acquiescence.

A lot of you made comments towards the feeling of being more confident over the internet.  Reasons include the physical distance between you and that person, the fact that they cannot see you, the time you have to edit your responses and that you can freely speak your mind and edit your photos.  Some things are much easier to type out than to say out loud.  Personally, I have posted things in the past that I may never have to guts to say out loud. People are also pretty open to what they post online because it can be deleted by the click of a button, mind you, this does depend on how outrageous the post is because some things can be online forever once they are posted.

I am sure you all have seen the MTV show Cat Fish.  It is about fake profile accounts that use real photos of random people but the user is a completely different person.  That stuff is real! It can happen! This is why it is important to have met the person you are speaking to rather than assume they are telling the truth, because once again, things are easier to say, twist and lie about through social media than in person. Be aware! Be cautious! 

After reading all of the awesome comments, you all seem to have a pretty good understanding of how social media works and how to avoid any sort of incident that can occur and cause trouble for you.  Social media is fun and may seem harmless at the time, but there are multiple things that can go wrong and send you down a spiral of unknown scary occurrences with people that you do not want to mess with.  Always keep a good head on your shoulders when it comes to online conversations, posts and information. 


That’s all for now! Sleep tight bloggers! Zzz-z-zz  

Behind the Screen

To me, social media, such as Facebook, is important for the fact that I enjoy connecting with friends, family and acquaintances.   I also love checking up what is new with my favourite celebrities through groups, events and pages.  I do, however, keep my profile very private to those that are not a Facebook friend.  To those who are, I do not post my age, address or what my relationship status is.  To me, that stuff is personal. 

The article by Sherry Turkle was very interesting on why people are so attached to social media.  In her TEDtalk, she explains that people use social media because we get so much attention and feed back from almost everyone, we are always able to speak our minds and that we are never alone.  As pathetic as that sounds, she is right! It is like a subconscious thought, and it took me awhile to actually accept that fact.  After “creeping” my own profile, I noticed that I had uploaded multiple photos throughout the years of myself which I believe I look good in, in hoping that other people would agree.  Lets face it, we all do it! 

Everyone feels slightly more confident through the internet, which makes it a lot easier to talk to people.  The problem with that, is that we are not acting like our true selves.  Turkle states that “when we communicate on our digital devices, we learn different habits”.  These different habits occur through social media but when face-to-face with the same person, responses will differ. 

Demetri Matin comedic thoughts on Myself were hilarious, yet true.  I have never had a Myspace, but Facebook is very similar to Myspace, therefore I can relate.  Personally,  I am very smart and safe when it comes to social media.  Because of the photos and information that I provide my Facebook friends with, I would certainly not feel comfortable with strangers looking at my profile.  I have recently gone through my contact list, which was well over a 1000, and realized that I did not even know atleast 100 of those people.  Lets get real, 1000 is a big number, and I know I do not comfortably know that many people. So I deleted or “de-friended” them off of my profile, which was quite settling.    

Lets hear some comments folks! 

Are you guilty of presenting yourself through social media differently than through real life? Do you feel more confident beside a screen? If so, why? Is it safe to meet people through social media?


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Let me introduce myself..

Hello my fellow bloggers!  I’m here to tell you about myself and why I have chosen to enlighten you on sports media! 

My name is Sonja Henley and I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario.  I love the hush of the city and how it never sleeps.  I just completed my third year at Brock University in General Studies and I plan on going to college after.  I am interesting in hearing and speech therapy.

I was a provincial gymnast for 10 years and a national cheerleader for 4 years.  In between all of this, I took up trampoline and tumbling!  I coached gymnastics for 6 years; just couldn’t get away from the gym! I spent almost every day in the gym, and considered it my second home.  I also did 8 years of cross country running!  My family has always been in the sports scene as my brother played hockey, baseball and lacrosse and my dad grew up curling.  My mother on the other hand, well let’s just say she loved watching my competitions! My family is probably the biggest Toronto Maple Leafs fans I know, missing a home game is odd for us! 

Sports media has always been interesting to me as I grew up doing multiple sports and I haveTSN constantly on the television.  My brother and I fight over the sports section of the newspaper just to read it first!  Living in Toronto has made me appreciate the sport of hockey, baseball, basketball and lacrosse.  I have been to countless Toronto Rock games, Toronto Raptors games, Toronto Blue Jays games and of course Toronto Maple Leafs games.  Toronto has true spirit, and it is amazing to see how bad we want that beautiful Stanley Cup! It is in our favour!

Throughout the span of this course, my blog will provide highlights on all of Toronto’s amazing sports teams, including the juicy gossip that goes on behind closed doors!  I hope to stimulate interest in sports media and I hope to feed your minds with exciting news on all of the talented athletes and coaches!