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Game Seven – Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Boston Bruins

This is my first video created on Windows Movie Maker. It demonstrates the moments during game seven at Maple Leaf Square in Toronto. ENJOY!


Let me introduce myself..

Hello my fellow bloggers!  I’m here to tell you about myself and why I have chosen to enlighten you on sports media! 

My name is Sonja Henley and I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario.  I love the hush of the city and how it never sleeps.  I just completed my third year at Brock University in General Studies and I plan on going to college after.  I am interesting in hearing and speech therapy.

I was a provincial gymnast for 10 years and a national cheerleader for 4 years.  In between all of this, I took up trampoline and tumbling!  I coached gymnastics for 6 years; just couldn’t get away from the gym! I spent almost every day in the gym, and considered it my second home.  I also did 8 years of cross country running!  My family has always been in the sports scene as my brother played hockey, baseball and lacrosse and my dad grew up curling.  My mother on the other hand, well let’s just say she loved watching my competitions! My family is probably the biggest Toronto Maple Leafs fans I know, missing a home game is odd for us! 

Sports media has always been interesting to me as I grew up doing multiple sports and I haveTSN constantly on the television.  My brother and I fight over the sports section of the newspaper just to read it first!  Living in Toronto has made me appreciate the sport of hockey, baseball, basketball and lacrosse.  I have been to countless Toronto Rock games, Toronto Raptors games, Toronto Blue Jays games and of course Toronto Maple Leafs games.  Toronto has true spirit, and it is amazing to see how bad we want that beautiful Stanley Cup! It is in our favour!

Throughout the span of this course, my blog will provide highlights on all of Toronto’s amazing sports teams, including the juicy gossip that goes on behind closed doors!  I hope to stimulate interest in sports media and I hope to feed your minds with exciting news on all of the talented athletes and coaches!