Comment Response

Thank you everyone for the awesome comments on my Citizen Journalism and Social Activism through Social Media post! Most of you agreed that social media is now an essential part of everyday life, in fact, many of you admitted that you check your smartphone for updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. without even realizing it. I have this exact problem; it has become such a habit!  But, do we consider this a problem or has it just become such a necessary part of our everyday life?

One of you commented on how you believe social media will continue to grow, which is something I highly agree with.  The technology that we use and are aware of today is nowhere near what they have planned for us for the future.  Surprisingly enough, in Japan, their technology is approximately three years ahead of us!  There is so much more to come; I am not sure whether we are going to be mind-blown or if it’ll be normal.  I am sure we handed an iPhone to someone in the 1900’s, they would be so confused, shocked, interested, and maybe even scared of the device.  It is insane how far technology has come!

One of you commented on how social media allows us to spread news to any part of the world faster than any other type media.  This comment reminded me of a friend of mine.  She moved to Tonga when we were in grade 7, which is on the other side of the world! We contacted through phone calls and MSN!  MSN was huge back in the day, up until my first year at Brock University.  Now that we both have Facebook, we write on each other’s walls and I see photos of her, her family and friends!  It is crazy to think she is so far away but we’ve stayed so connected all this time.  This is a great example of why I am not fully against social media.  The two reasons why I would be against social media is because it contributes to obesity and it can be dangerous with all those creepy hackers, online dating and hidden identities.

All in all, I am glad you all agreed with my post! Take care! 


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