YOUTUBE Comments

Thank you all for the excellent comments on my YOUTUBE post, I appreciate it! It seems like I am not the only one who thinks there are negative and positive aspects to social media.  I do believe that it is important to copyright most things on the internet; everyone should have the right to claim something that is theirs or something that they came up with.  It is only fair, and it is just the internet’s way of writing your name on something that belongs to you.  In one of the comments, you mentioned that a 22 year old mother killed her baby because her baby was crying while she was in the middle of playing FarmVille on Facebook.  FARMVILLE OVER YOUR CHILD?! YOU’RE INSANE!  That is completely disgusting and clearly she was way too consumed by social media, it is disturbing. 

I was not very surprised by the comments, because all of my viewers appear to have similar thoughts and views on social media as I do.  We use it to contact people around the world, play games, watch movies and TV shows, find out what the latest gossip is and who won last night’s basketball game, the list goes on!  I have not come across anyone who has remotely let social media take over their lives (well, not that I know of).  People should use the internet as more of an escape from reality than making it their reality. 

Thank you again for your super comments! Remember, you have a life outside of your smartphones, laptops, etc.  Use social media as a stress reliever or purely for entertainment, never let it consume you! Take care, and get excited for my next post! It’ll be a little different than my recent posts 😉  TOODLES!  


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