Social media has consumed such a large portion of our lives, that we question whether or not it is a positive asset to our society.  There really is no correct answer to that because there is a lot of good and bad that comes with social media.  Yes, it is an easy and quick way to connect with millions around the world, catch up on the latest gossip on your favourite celeb, and see who won last night’s hockey game, BUT social media can be dangerous and consuming whereas social media has become so popular that it is uncontrollable.  It is almost impossible to keep up with all of that sites, devices, pages, etc.

One of my favourite sites to visit is YouTube, and I know I am not alone with this topic! I love to watch trailers for movies, re-watch sport updates, watch music videos and paparazzi videos, oh the list goes on!  In the article, YouTube: Where Cultural Memory and Copyright Converge, Hilderbrand states that “with the expansion of high-speed connections and crowing computer memory capacities, internet video distribution – from BitTorrent downloading to short-form streaming – has at long last become viable on a massive scale”.  This just declares that sites that offer videos are becoming super easy, fast and promising for all of the users because everything the site creator needs to produce a solid and popular site is offered to them.

Another article I read focusing on YouTube is called YouTube: the new Cinema of Attractions, where Rizzo states that “social networking sites such as YouTube are populated by subscribers actively looking for novelty. Therefore, YouTube clips engage an audience that is highly attuned to attractions”.  YouTube clips are constantly being uploaded by absolutely anyone around the world with similar interests as YOU! There are YouTube clips floating around from years ago and from a few seconds ago, which creates a large range of videos that can attract a whole bunch of people that are interested in completely different topics.

That’s all for now YouTube-ers!


Hilderbrand, L. (2007). Youtube: Where Cultural Memory and Copyright Converge. Film Quarterly. Vol. 61, No. 1,  48-57.
Rizzo, T. YouTube: the New Cinema of Attractions SCAN | journal of media arts culture. Vol 5, No. 1, Online journal.

2 thoughts on “YOUTUBE

  1. Andrea Pilkington

    You hit the nail on the head with the social media being good and bad. It is a very powerful medium and there are lots of implications that can come with it, such as privacy issues, being an ongoing dispute. YouTube is definitely something that connects people with similar interests and creates niche online communities. For your summative post I would suggest analyzing YouTube’s user uploaded content within the frame of cultural commons and intellectual property. Do you think it’s right or justified for copyright holders to monitor youtube for copyright infringements?

  2. tialow

    I completely agree with you in that social media is both good and bad. It is great that we are now able to connect with family and friends from across the globe but it is also very consuming like you said. Have you heard of the 22 year old mother who killed her baby because the baby started crying while she was in the middle of playing “FarmVille” on Facebook? Talk about being so consumed that you had the ability to murder your own baby? So wrong on so many levels. How can someone become that consumer? I just don’t understand. But, then there are people like me who can now talk to family members that are on the other side of the country and easily chat and share photos. So I definitely can see the good and the bad.


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