Comment Response

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend.

I went through all of your comments and thoughts on Wikipedia and whether or not it is a reliable source.  We all seem to agree on one thing, which is, Wikipedia cannot be 100% trusted, especially when gathering information for school related work.  This is because it is an online peer produced encyclopedia.  It is not a company run website, it can be edited by ANYONE! 

Not only did we all agree that Wikipedia is not the most consistent website to use, we also all agreed that after reading the articles on Wikipedia and other online encyclopaedias that Wikipedia is in fact growing and becoming more and more dependable.  Slow, but surely.  The mistakes are being corrected and the references do come from credible sources! Surprise, surprise!

I like how a couple of you stated in your comment that people who post and edit Wikipedia are doing it to help the public, not give them false information.  It’s good to think positively about our society and have trust in those people around us.  I also enjoyed reading the comments that asserted how happy they were for having free, easy and open access to (for the most part) accurate information.  Never take the little things for granted. 

That’s all for now, see ya’ll on the flip side! 


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